Writing a letter year 1959

June 1, istock background C. Inspired, the author worked at breakneck speed, frequently knocking out an entire letter in one sit-down session.

Writing a letter year 1959

Home Who is CG? The Book Why Write? For this reason, I have posted sample letters for you to read. The first letter is to Maggie, a two-year-old.

It is printed on colorful, but simple stationery. The second letter to five-year-old Bryce is on plain white paper. These children are not independent readers; therefore I can take great liberty with the print and the content. Their mother or father will read it out loud to them and answer any questions the child might have.

The letters might belong to the child, but they will make no sense to the child unless the parent is reading, explaining, and actively participating with the child. Illustrating your letters The most important part of writing to very young children is illustrating.

It is the drawings that appeal to the young child.

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It is the drawings that the child will study and talk about. And most importantly, it is the drawings that will stick with the child.

No matter how badly you think you draw, you must try to put some drawings in your letter. However, if you still think there is absolutely no way you can draw, try decorating the letters with stickers.

Or use nice stationery.

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If you happen to be pretty good on the computer and can browse the internet, use clip art. An enormous amount of free images are available to copy and paste into your letter. And then, there is always real cutting and pasting. You can cut pictures out of magazines and newspapers and glue them right onto your letter.

You would be surprised at how many great images are in your junk mail. Those advertisers know how a picture captures your attention.

writing a letter year 1959

So, cut them out and glue them on! It is an example of an autobiographical letter.

Curly Grandma: Sample Letters

I traced some pictures right onto her letter and got real fancy! The important part of an autobiographical letter is the details. Maintaining interest while including these facts can be tedious, but certainly worth the effort. I am wondering how you are doing.

I am sure that I will soon have to jump in my car and travel the roads just to visit you. What have you been doing? Most certainly, you have spent the better part of summer scaling trees and excavating great digs, or researching some species of Southern lizard.

Regardless, I am sure you are thoroughly enjoying your last, steamy, sultry, summer days of fourth grade. I hear from your mommy that you are beside yourself with excitement, waiting for school to start.

writing a letter year 1959

And, I am sure, Hannah, you will be a wonderful fifth-grader when you return to school. Your Curly Grandma is very pleased that you like school, and that you do well in school.

I was not a great student such as you, Hannah. You would have seen a lot of different letters on my report card: But, never would you have seen anything less than an A on my conduct side. I was too afraid to do something wrong.Posted May 6, The HeraldStandard announced our Joe Hrezo will be inducted into the Fayette County Sports Hall of Fame this year.

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The induction dinner will be held at the Penn State - Fayette campus on Saturday, June 16th. REMINGTON MONTH AND YEAR OF MANUFACTURE. LETTER CODES. Letter Codes are usually located on the left side of barrel, just above the stock line and just forward of the rear sight.

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I long for your understanding and support.

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