Writing a brief summary of fact for a case

Bethel School District 43 v. Students do not have a First Amendment right to make obscene speeches in school. Fraser, a student at Bethel High School, was suspended for three days for delivering an obscene and provocative speech to the student body.

Writing a brief summary of fact for a case

Burkhart and Robert A. What is a brief? A brief is a written summary of the case. How to prepare a brief To prepare one, you must distill the case's most important parts and restate them in your own words.

The effort will provide a variety of important benefits. Read the case carefully and thoroughly to describe the case accurately. Describing the case in your own words forces you to determine exactly what the courts said, which concepts and facts were essential to its decision, and the proper legal terminology and procedures.

Succinct briefs are key. To be most effective, case briefs must be brief. With reading so many cases in each course, your case briefs will help you remember the details of each case for class discussions and exam preparation. Briefing cases is an important professional skill Briefing cases is not just for law school.

As a lawyer, you will have to read and analyze cases with a careful eye to detail. You also will have to summarize cases when writing legal memoranda, briefs, and other documents and when making oral arguments to courts. Now, begin practicing and developing your briefing skills. Remember, the skills you develop in law school will follow you to practice.

Steps to briefing a case 1. Select a useful case brief format. There are many different ways to brief a case.

writing a brief summary of fact for a case

You should use the format that is most useful for your class and exam preparations. Regardless of form, every brief should include the following information in steps Use the right caption when naming the brief.

A brief should begin with the case name, the court that decided it, the year it was decided, and the page on which it appears in the casebook. Identify the case facts. Next, state the facts of the case. This section is necessary because legal principles are defined by the situations in which they arise.

Include in your brief only those facts that are legally relevant.

writing a brief summary of fact for a case

A fact is legally relevant if it had an impact on the case's outcome. For example, in a personal injury action arising from a car accident, the color of the parties' cars seldom would be relevant to the case's outcome.

Similarly, if the plaintiff and defendant presented different versions of the facts, you should describe those differences only if they are relevant to the court's consideration of the case. Because you will not know which facts are legally relevant until you have read and deciphered the entire case, do not try to brief a case while reading it for the first time.

Outline the procedural history. With the statement of facts, you have taken the case to the point at which the plaintiff filed suit. The next section of the brief, the procedural history, begins at that point and ends with the case's appearance in the court that wrote the opinion you are reading.

For a trial court opinion, identify the type of legal action the plaintiff brought. For an appellate court opinion, also describe how the trial court and, if applicable, the lower appellate court decided the case and why.A summary and case brief of Manson v.

Brathwaite, including the facts, issue, rule of law, holding and reasoning, key terms, and concurrences and dissents. Manson v. Get an answer for 'Please provide a brief summary of Chapter 14 of The Story of My Life by Helen Keller.' and find homework help for other The Story of My Life questions at eNotes.

Instructor: Jennifer Schneider Jennifer teaches critical thinking, legal writing and research, business law and justice studies courses. She has a law degree. Provide a brief summary of your case study, please include in this introduction or executive summary the information below: (note that it is not a Q&A format, please provide a summary and include this information as part of the body of your introduction).

It basically aids in your studies and helps you learn a lot better. Now let’s move on to the next section which would actually help you make great case brief examples.

Tips for Writing a Case Brief To really learn how to write a case brief, you’d need some helpful tips to guide you. Sep 22,  · Custom Dissertation Writing Services | Research Paper Writers.

Topic: Legal Case brief/ Judgment/ Anaylisis. Order Description. Using the following fact scenario, prepare a case brief as if you were the judge hearing the matter.

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