Stakeholder corporate governance and stakeholders

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Stakeholder corporate governance and stakeholders

For better governance, think stakeholders By Wilfred Chow on Dec 18, Progressive companies operate in the interest of all their stakeholders — and not just shareholders Institutional investors should support open cultures at the companies they buy into.

In such environments, employees would be encouraged to voice values-driven concerns about problematic practices. Such openness would help to engage employees more productively and enable them to raise ethical issues more effectively at early stages, before such issues caused substantial damage to reputation or the bottom line.

I made this argument last year in Ethical Corporation and drew some support from the spirit of the UK Stewardship Code. The version of the UK code at that time did not explicitly refer to corporate cultures.

However, it aimed to enhance the quality of engagement between institutional investors and companies, including on issues of corporate governance, and the latter arguably encompasses culture. Subsequently, the UK code was revised, with effect from 1 Octoberto include an express reference to culture: Activities may include monitoring and engaging with companies on matters such as … corporate governance, including culture.

A common premise of sound cultures is that employees are treated as a key group of stakeholders. In guiding institutional investors to promote sound cultures, then, the revised UK code appears to affirm — as I also argued — that, rather than being locked in a zero-sum game, the interests of shareholders and employees can be closely aligned.

In that respect, the UK code may resonate with a growing trend to improve corporate governance by optimising interaction between the interests of stakeholders in a company. When … the interdependency and intrinsic value of the other stakeholders are denied, the business is at high risk of … growing a cancer … This type of thinking is partly what led to the recent financial crisis.

Many financial institutions were focused only on maximizing their short-term profits, with little concern for the possible harmful impacts on their other stakeholders and the larger society. One example of stakeholder synergies cited in the book is the Whole Planet Foundation, set up and funded by Whole Foods Market, of which Mackey is co-chief executive, to provide microcredit loans in more than 50 countries.

The book claims that the foundation has: Nevertheless, the authors have introduced a valuable choice among business models to which companies may aspire.

Trust firms Professor Colin Mayer of Oxford University recently proposed an intriguing and more structurally oriented approach to countering the shareholder-centric, short-term-oriented model: Shares thus pre-committed would not be transferable during such a holding period.

Shares that continue to be or become transferable would have no voting rights. During the past several years, some states in the US have supplemented their corporation law to do just that.

Their laws now accommodate benefit corporations — B corporations for short — which are for-profit entities that are required to address multi-stakeholder interests and pursue specific goal s that yield public benefit s as chosen in their constituent documents eg certificates of incorporation.

As of November 120 jurisdictions in the US had adopted some form of benefit corporation law.

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A Delaware B corporation must identify one or more of such benefits in its certificate of incorporation as goal s that it will promote. The directors of a Delaware B corporation are required to manage the business and affairs of the corporation in a responsible and sustainable manner and, toward that end, balance: Directors will be deemed to satisfy their fiduciary duties to the corporation if a decision by them is both informed and disinterested and not such that no person of ordinary, sound judgment would approve.

Consider also that, while a Delaware B corporation is supposed to balance the interests of all stakeholders, only holders of relatively large blocks of its stock may sue to enforce the duties of the directors.

Therefore, the new law has the potential to allow directors and management to become complacent and relatively less responsive to criticism, given their limited accountability to stakeholders and the diminished discipline being exercised by potential lawsuits.Stakeholder governance: how stakeholders influence corporate decision making.

Heiko Spitzeck and Erik G. Hansen Heiko Spitzeck is based at the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedford, UK. countries, corporate governance refers to an engagement of managers with stakeholders groups (Barley, ).

Stakeholder corporate governance and stakeholders

As Preble points out, “ the term stakeholder was chosen as a literary device to. “The corporate governance framework should recognise the rights of stakeholders established by law or through mutual agreements and encourage active co-operation.

The multistakeholder governance model, sometimes known as a multistakeholder initiative (MSI), is a governance structure that seeks to bring stakeholders together to participate in the dialogue, decision making, and implementation of solutions to common problems or goals.

The principle behind such a structure is that if enough input is provided. Their approach was to focus on corporate governance, risk management, and most importantly, abide by laws and regulations.

Other than the company employees who often constitute the primary stakeholder, other stakeholders include shareholders, customers, investors, suppliers, public and governmental officials, activists, and communities.

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