Sr rm 022 part 1 essay

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Sr rm 022 part 1 essay

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Service Request SR-Rm Riordan Manufacturing has submitted an SR-rm service request for the analysis of the current HR system with the goal of the integration of the current tools into an integrated application for corporate wide use. The project has a completion date for approximately six months from initiation with system utilization beginning in the second quarter for the following year.

The detailed project plan will list resources, schedule, tasks, and budget required to complete the project. The following document provides a proposal to fulfill Riordan's request covering information gathering techniques, successful information gathering techniques, project scope, feasibility, application architecture and process design, software architecture, security controls, and a conclusion.

Sr rm 022 part 1 essay

Software Architecture Though the design phase of the SLCD typically involves the design of the human-interface and database. Sensitive information should include applicant information, complaints, employee files, FMLA absences, grievances, harassment complaints, job analysispay rate, personal information, personal exemptions for tax purposes, and requests for accommodation, resumes, salary surveys, and Sr rm 022 part 1 essay of applicants.

Non-sensitive HR information should be within the DMZ, accessible via password by low-level management and employees. Non-sensitive HR information should include development records, employee hire dates, organizational information, seniority dates, training, and vacation hours.

Workers compensation should continue to be managed by the third-party. The current policy regarding employee information changes can be maintained but Riordan should look at submitting employee information changes via corporate e-mail to reduce paper usage. Because Excel is commonly used already, it is recommended that the new system incorporate Excel's database capabilities into the new design.

This would increase compatibility and eliminate the need to train the staff on the database functions of the new system.

Sr rm 022 part 1 essay

Application Architecture The new system should consist of two applications one will be the primary HRIS and the other a slim version. The slim version needs to be housed within the DMZ and used by the employees. Both the primary and slim application should be linked so non-sensitive employee information in the slim application can be updated by the primary application.

Extensive care should be taken in coding both applications so the slim version cannot be used to compromise the primary HRIS. Both should make use of usernames and passwords for access to the system.

Once the username and verification has occurred, the user should be transferred to the correct system. As with any program, ease of use is important so consideration should be taken regarding the type of user interface used for this new system.

A user-friendly, graphical interface is recommended for the user to access the different sub-menus on their respective server. This recommendation is made simply because GUIs are already a well-known interface among most computer users. Security Controls During the implementation of the new HRIS, it is recommended that certain security controls and policies are implemented because of the sensitive information, which will be stored on the new HRIS server.

HW Request SR-rm paper Part-3 Riordan

Implementation of a demilitarized zone DMZ for security is highly recommended. A DMZ is a host or network which prevents outside users from directly accessing company servers that contain sensitive data it is inserted between a company's private network and the outside public network, and would provide a high level of security for the new HRIS.

To create a DMZ, the company must purchase and install two firewalls. One will be placed between the outside network and the DMZ, and the other will be placed between the DMZ and the company network.

Any server important for vendors, customers, or employees should be placed within the DMZ, it is important to note that no sensitive company data or programs should be placed on any machine within the DMZ.Sep 20,  · Complete Section 1 of the Service Request SR-rm paper.

Using the Service Request SR-rm, analyze the HR system. Prepare a 4- . Excerpt from Essay: Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.

Service Request SR-Rm Riordan Manufacturing has submitted an SR-rm service request for the analysis of the current HR system with the goal of the integration of the current tools into an integrated application for corporate wide use.

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Sep 20,  · Request SR-rm paper Part-3 Riordan. September 20, Uncategorized Complete Section 3 of the Service Request SR-rm paper.

This section incorporates the transition from design to implementation. Consider revising Sections 1 and 2 based on faculty feedback.

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