Solar energy business plan ppt slideshare

Sunlight Electric has two guiding principles when it comes to getting projects done: Project Planning Every Sunlight Electric project starts with a plan, a day-by-day, week-by-week detailed plan. This plan takes into account our clients' operational schedule, material lead-times, engineering, permitting, construction crew scheduling, and utility interconnection requirements.

Solar energy business plan ppt slideshare


Investment ideas Top 20 Small Business ideas in the Renewable Energy Industry Are you interested in starting a business in the renewable energy industry?

Then below are the top 20 business ideas in the renewable energy industry. Energy is top on the list of resources we have to keep our eyes on.

Energy costs have become so high and it has had direct consequences on the costs of goods and services. In order to solve this problem, researchers went to work and discovered alternative sources of energy which are not only cheaper but cause less pollution and protect the environment.

This is why they are popularly referred to as green energy sources. Renewable energy refers to a source of energy which can be regenerated and is gotten from direct and indirect sources. The direct sources include photoelectric and thermal sources of power while the indirect sources are gotten from natural elements like the sun, wind, biomass or heat.

When you invest in the renewable energy industry, you are not only investing in a business that would make you money. You are also investing in a business that would help to better the lives solar energy business plan ppt slideshare generations to come by protecting the environment and you are also investing in a business that has the backing of the government in terms of taxes and funding.

solar energy business plan ppt slideshare

Solar Panel Sales and Distribution-: Solar energy is really gaining prominence and a lot of people have started using solar energy not only in their homes but also in their factories and offices.

Solar energy is cheaper once it is installed, which makes it the favorite renewable energy source for many people. You can start importing solar panels in wholesale quantities from countries like China and Hong-Kong; where it is majorly produced and sell to solar panel installers and retailers.

Before you can start this business, you would need to undergo some form of formal training in school or informal training from professionals already in the field.

Someone brought a stove to my office some months ago. Very small and cute looking stove. She said it was a bio-fuel stove. The stove runs on a fuel made from waste.

I was really impressed and i had to buy one. You can start to produce your own bio-fuel too and create your own invention that would run on bio-fuel. It could be a generator, a tricycle or even a motor vehicle. A lot of people are also embracing wind energy. You could set up a wind farm in your area and have people pay you to supply their houses with wind energy.

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Like solar energy, wind energy is cost-effective. Solar water pumping system-: Water is very essential and everyone knows that water pumping machines sap a lot of energy. You could start a business that helps people install water pumping machines that run on solar power and makes it cheaper and easier to pump water.

You could also start selling refrigerators that run on solar power. This would be received with open arms by hotels, bars and fast food outlets.

Uninterrupted power supply systems also known as UPS or inverters are gadgets used to store energy, so that when there is absence of power, the UPS can be used as a back-up source of power.

UPS are used in hospitals, schools, information technology companies, individual homes and almost every company out there. You would definitely make good money from selling this hot item. Another renewable energy source is photovoltaic system which converts solar radiation into electricity through semi-conductors.PVOL Solar Training - Solar Business and Technical Sales - Online There are many opportunities for different careers in the residential PV industry, including the business and sales side of it.

Addressing the topics in the NABCEP PV Technical Sales job task analysis, PVOL focuses on technical details for sales professionals, financial. Jan 26,  · Solar Energy Powerpoint Template Free Energy Powerpoint inside Powerpoint Template Free Energy Powerpoint Templates Free Energy Images – Powerpoint Template And throughout Powerpoint Template Free Energy.

An Assessment of Solar Energy Conversion Technologies and Research Opportunities GCEP Energy Assessment Analysis Summer makes solar energy a crucial component of a renewable energy portfolio aimed at Despite the relatively low power density of the solar flux, solar energy .

IEA-RETD / Business Models for Renewable Energy in the Built Environment 5 List of tables Table Barriers and market segments 19 Table List of analysed business models 22 Table Barriers addressed by the business models 86 Table Market segments addressed by the business models 89 Table Actors directly involved in the various business models Business Plan | ECREEE [3] Business Plan ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy (solar and wind) contrasted with field measurements (max 10% of data error) Organize five forums of the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Investment and Business Initiative (ERIBI) and five meetings of the Business Advisory Council (BAC).

source can be solar energy, biomass, or some combination of the two. A new area of interest is the use of desiccant wheel technology for solar powered air conditioning.

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