Reflective essay gilgamesh

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Reflective essay gilgamesh

I started two years ago and have tried to keep my projects interesting to my students and to show them how mythology is relevant to their world today.

Gilgamesh Essay

After studying the different gods, goddesses and their symbols, I have them do a presentation on Mythology in Advertisement. They need to go through magazines, phone books, Reflective essay gilgamesh.

For example, Nike for the goddess Nike. After they find different types of advertisements, then they are to find a company whose logo comes from mythology and research that company. They need to find out all they can about the company, why the company chose their name, e. Apollo Heating, or how they came to choose their logo, e.

After they have found many advertisements and a company, then they do a presentation where they share their findings as well as their knowledge of mythology.

This is very interesting not only for the students but also for me. No matter how many times I have done this assignment, my students come up with new companies. This also satisfies the famous question, When will we need to use this in real life? Our bingo cards have names and areas of power mixed around.

The clues have names, areas of power, actions, symbols, etc. Students then cover up their cards with pieces of paper when the clues are given. Students enjoy learning the information, and it is a requested activity long after the study of Greek mythology is over.

I do bring small prizes, candy, etc. Biopoems - by Vicki Worthing After becoming somewhat familiar with the characters and their relationships, we write biopoems about each of them.

We already used biopoems at the beginning of the year when we wrote them about ourselves, so the format is familiar to the students and easily modified to use with mythology.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love! A daughter of Zeus and Dione; wife of Hephaestus. Lover of sons Aeneas and Cupid and brother Ares. Who needs a chariot.

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Who fears War, Athena and Hera. Board Games - by Mary Jane Brown As a student project during the semester mythology class, I assign students to groups. They work together and plan, then make their own mythology board game, complete with educational purpose, directions for playing, and a demonstration of knowledge about myths, etc.

There have been some very sophisticated board games invented by students. These board games are displayed in the school, and students get a lot of compliments.

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The local paper has done a feature with pictures of this mythology project. The students enjoy this and learn, too.

For each god, they write a page of information based on their reading, a creative writing page where they invent an adventure for the god or goddess, have a god write a letter to another god, a poem, a diary entry, etc Each student ends up with about 40 pages of material, which we bind into a book, after they design a cover, do a back cover with info on "the author" themselves and add a table of contents.

They are pretty proud of the result, even if they sometimes complain during the work process! When we study the labors of Hercules, students make up postcards sent by Hercules to his friends after he has accomplished each labor.

Reflective essay gilgamesh

Each card has an illustration on one side, and about half a page of creative writing on the other. Hercules suddenly becomes alive and close to the students!

We create a big bulletin board at the back of the room. There is a 3-D horse out of paper.He compared it to the extinction in “The Epic of Gilgamesh” and suggested that they should live life to the fullest(The Epic of Gilgamesh).

The third man was a polytheistic Egyptian, who explained the disaster should be blamed on the pharaoh. Secoreya Jones History study guide Which ruling group was the first to use chariots and composite bows in the middle east?

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Reflective essay gilgamesh

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During the term, keep all of your work in this portfolio; at the end of the term, you'll write a reflective essay about your writing, using your portfolio in order to include specific examples of your writing's strengths and weaknesses, and to list what you hope to .

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