Project management sample assignment

Be able to review, evaluate and closeout a project. The various processes are included in the project management like initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing.

Project management sample assignment

This undersea link has resulted in the reduction of travel distance from km to 60 km which further results in the reduction of environmental impact by traffic.

The tunnel bridge consists of an immersed tube tunnel system at the depth of 48 m. It took six years for the proper functioning of the link. This project is one of the most challenging projects because of the following reasons: Variation in trench excavation, the variation in consolidation rate, and bad soil conditions for constructing cemented structure creates many bottlenecks in this project.

The undersea tunnel at Busan-Geoje is special in many ways; it embroiders the fixed link between Denmark and Sweden, but goes far in comparison with today common practice and set up a beautiful example of concrete immersed tunnel technology.

Many undersea projects lack immersed tunnel projects. But, nowadays there are some undersea tunnels where you can find immersion of tunnel elements. Busan-Geoje is on such fixed link projects which have such traits still a proper execution of this technology is vital for smooth functioning and safety features.

The aim of this white paper is an appraisal of the existing technology in the form of newly developed tunnel elements, and to study the dynamic behavior of a tunnel element during the immersion process. It is made of 2 girder bridges supported by a cable and a tunnel. The construction of the submerged channel was accomplished by transporting each of its 18 elements below two pontoons from the construction dock.

This is a unique project in comparison with other sea link projects because; in this project the tunnel elements down under the sea, in a bay with direct access towards the open sea. The major threat to the project was the incoming swells and wind, so a proper investigation was done using the combination of hydrodynamic model tests and time-domain analysis.

The project was completed in the three stages that have been elucidated below Cummins, Testing was performed using computer simulations in the fall of Complete research on tunnel immersion for this fixed link has been explained.

Methodology for applied testing The tested tunnel element supports the Busan-Geoje link, is huge and has an external width of Wilde, Berg and Van claims that, the 3. These elements are m long. The element at either end of the tunnel sits on the bedrock at the given conditions of the central sections, in this project appraisal, we are talking about a newly inducted approach used for immersing the tunnel element.

Preliminary tests were carried out to examine the complete behavior of the tunnel element and platoons. It was tested against various variations in wave at different timings.

After conducting the model test, to deploy this on a large level simulation model was developed, including a trench, mooring lines, a tunnel element, two pontoons and construction line.

Now the calibration of the simulation model was done.


Now for the making of a successful real model out of a pilot model some mass and damping coefficient were added. In this step, the more focus was on the validation of the simulation model.

And the evaluation of various parameters is done on more than 10 different operational criteria… Read more in the complete solution PDF document at the end of this page. Partial cement deep soil mixing called CDM was used to improve the ground in the seabed.

For this project, Daewoo took a decision to use Grout bedding layers because these layers have been used on the huge basis in previous undersea projects Ogilvie, … Read more in the complete solution PDF document at the end of this page.The project start is the most important part in project management, because in it the project plans, the project communication structures, the relationships to relevant environments, and so on are developed and defined in the project start process.

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Project management sample assignment

Assignment Question Context: The backbone of a project manager’s work is the Project Management Plan. This plan is the document which describes how the project will . Assignment Samples has been posted to show the quality of our work all across the UK for students.

Coursework Help Dissertation Help UK Homework Help Tourism Assignment Nursing Assignment Project Management Assignment Help Marketing Planning Management Academic Blogs Python Assignment Help Data Mining Assignment Business Assignment /5(). Project Management Sample Assignment Words Oct 26th, 17 Pages The Association for Project Management (APM) suggests that the project business case provides justification for undertaking a project by evaluating benefit, cost and alternative options.

Project Management Team: The apex management team which will be accountable for successful implementation of the project is the Project Management Team. Project Management Team is responsible for converting the project Charter in to Project Management Plan and facilitates organizing, and implementation of the projects/5(18).

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