Plate science

Salt maps can be used to create lithospheric plates and tectonic plate boundaries for 3-D projects, and they provide an excellent method for projecting the theory of plate tectonics. Prepare to Create Your Tectonic Plates Lay all supplies needed for the project on sheets of newspaper placed on a table. Sketch tectonic plates on cardboard using the marker.

Plate science

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The movement of the plates is believed to result from the presence of large convection cells in the Earth's mantle which allow the rigid plates to move over the relatively plastic asthenosphere.

The theory of plate tectonics was developed in the s in an effort to explain the jigsawlike pattern of the Earth's continents. See Note at fault. See more at tectonic boundary.

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Show More A Closer Look: Although German physicist, meteorologist, and explorer Alfred Wegener proposed the theory of continental drift insuggesting that the continents were once joined as one large landmass, the explanation for the movement of such large landmasses into their current positions was not developed for several more decades.

According to the theory of plate tectonics, which was proposed in the s, the continents and ocean floors ride atop about a dozen semirigid plates-huge slabs of Earth's lithosphere-that are much larger than the continents themselves.

The plates' constant movement is powered by huge convection currents of molten rock in Earth's mantle, thought by many geologists to be heated by the decay of radioactive elements deep within Earth.

Although the plates move only a few inches per year, over the hundreds of millions of years of geological time, the continents are carried thousands of miles. Along their margins, the independently moving plates interact in three main ways. Where plates pull apart, new crust is formed.

Prepare to Create Your Tectonic Plates

Where they collide, one plate is submerged beneath the other, and material from the bottom one returns to Earth's mantle. If the converging plates have land masses on them, the boundaries crumple, forming mountains.

Plate science

Plates also slide past each other, creating the faults that produce earthquakes. These plates move in response to forces deep within the Earth. Because continents, such as North Americaoften ride piggy-back on plates, their movement is referred to as continental drift.

Note New plate material is constantly created by the process of sea floor spreadingand old material is destroyed when two plates collide and one plate moves under the other.Science is the study of the world using collected knowledge,observation, and experimentation.

A "science" is any one ofinnumerable fields of study and inquiry, some of which i ncludefacets of mental as well as physical phenomena. Science can be defined as a method for studying the natural world. Nov 12,  · Plate tectonics is the science and study of the causes of, andrelative motions of, Earth's lithospheric plates.

Plate science

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