Paper culture

Sociology term papers Disclaimer: Free essays on Sociology posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. The free Sociology research paper What Is Culture?

Paper culture

Cultural barriers include several factors that make human interactions more difficult—differences in language, values, and behaviors. In many ways this last category is the most daunting because cultural differences are often hidden and are certainly the most difficult to quantify.

Miles, time zones, exchange rates and such are easily measured. Laws and policies are stated in black and white, although enforcement is obviously a key issue.

Paper culture

Alternatively, cultural differences are often not obvious and associated problems are neither easily diagnosed nor corrected. But, the problems associated with cultural differences have been most salient for these American executives managing mostly high technology companies.

This was found to be so even though, as mentioned above, the cultural barriers are often hidden. International business is becoming easier to conduct. The interviewees suggest that the Internet is helping overcome time and distance barriers and is making communications, even the cross-cultural ones, more efficient.

European unification has also played a role. These trends are very encouraging. Although, it may be that the unusually large cash flows typical at southern California companies in the late s has made all problems seem less severe.

Culture has a pervasive impact on the management of human resources. Culture influences how blue- and white-collar workers respond to pay and non-pay incentives, how international firms are organized, and even how executives compose and implement business strategies. Thus, the remainder of this chapter is organized as follows: First, the central notion of culture will be defined including discussion of its dimensions and measurement.

Third, human resources policies are outlined that take into account cultural differences in employee groups.

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Paper Culture, Millbrae, California.

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