Online editing services for self publishing

Though the option does allow for greater independence and creative freedom, it also requires self-discipline, professional diligence, and a realistic understanding of the literary landscape. Before deciding to self-publish, writers should understand the colorful and complicated history of self-publishing. The past two decades in particular have brought massive changes to traditional and self-publishing, largely because advances in technology have transformed the way consumers shop for, purchase, and read books—and e-books. Traditional publishing once owned nearly every facet of the book making and book marketing business models, from agents vetting manuscripts to sales strategists determining which books land coveted spaces in the glowing windows of major bookstores.

Online editing services for self publishing

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Description A copy edit will ensure your text is polished to publishing-industry standards, affording you the same level of professional presentation as a traditionally published book see our quality guarantee. The editor will carefully read your manuscript to identify and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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The editor will also make minor changes to the text to improve the overall flow and choice of wording. Specialist editing software will also be used to perform a number of additional consistency checks e. These checks are particularly helpful for non-fiction and academic texts.

Quality Guarantee When you take out our Copy Edit service, we promise that your edited manuscript will be All-in-one Editing Package The above services combined. Description A comprehensive, multi-round editing package providing everything you need to deliver a high-quality, publication-ready manuscript.editing services to authors in academic, educational, trade non-fiction, and business publishing.

online editing services for self publishing

From the outset, we build trust and respect into our working relationship with you. And we keep your work confidential until it is published.

online editing services for self publishing

Self-published writers simply cannot objectively self-edit. On another note, the amount of time that each of these writers has put into tackling and mastering the various disciplines needed to self-publish (cover design, marketing, etc.) should not be reduced to zero.

Self-published authors go it alone and publish a book without the help of a traditional publisher. A self-published author can pay for any service that a publisher typically might provide, such as editing or marketing, or they can do this work themselves.

We provide professional unbiased editorial book reviews, Best Seller eBook promotions, and affordable editing services for indie authors.

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Trusted since BookFuel guides and assists you through every step of the self-publishing process. You maintain complete control and ownership of your book. We assist with editing, print layout, cover design, ebook conversion, book distribution and book marketing processes.

Publishing and Printing Costs: Traditional publishers cover all printing and publishing costs and assume all the risks of publication, which can prove a significant advantage to an author, since costs can range in the thousands of dollars, according to professional writer/editor Lillie Ammann’s Self-Publishing Primer.

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