Main reasons for vietnam war involvement

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Main reasons for vietnam war involvement

The South was supported by anti-communist countries, primarily the United States. The United States lost the Vietnam War.

Vietnam War Timeline - HISTORY

It lasted for twenty years, something the US never expected when it joined in the fight. Not only did the US lose the war and the country of Vietnam to the communists, the US lost prestige in the eyes of the world.

Main reasons for vietnam war involvement

When the war ended there was a power vacuum. Vietnamese revolutionary and communist Ho Chi Minh wanted freedom for the country of Vietnam. However, the Allies all agreed that Vietnam belonged to the French. Ho's soldiers in the north were called the Viet Minh. Ho tried to get US help, but they didn't want Ho to succeed as they were worried about communism spreading throughout Southeast Asia.

When Ho began to have success against the French, the US became more concerned. In they began sending aid to the French in Vietnam. They decided to pull out of Vietnam.

Main reasons for vietnam war involvement

The country was divided up into a communist Northern Vietnam and a Southern Vietnam. It was supposed to be reunited under a single election in However, the United States did not want the country to become communist.

They helped Ngo Dinh Diem get elected in the South. December - US military advisors begin to take a direct role in the war. This allowed US troops to use armed force in the area.

March 8, - The first official US combat troops arrive in Vietnam. July - President Nixon begins the withdrawal of US troops. By putting limits on the troops and not allowing them to attack Northern Vietnam from tothe US had no chance to win. A Difficult War Not only were the US troops limited in what they could do strategically by President Johnson, the jungles of Vietnam proved a difficult place to fight a war.

It was very difficult to find the enemy in the jungles and also difficult to determine who was the enemy. The troops had to deal with booby traps and constant ambushes from people they thought they were fighting for.

He first began removing troops from Vietnam in July of On January 27, a peace fire was negotiated.

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A few months later in March the final US troops were removed from Vietnam. Soon the country became officially unified as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Vietnam was now a communist country. Vietnam Veteran's Memorial The names of those killed or missing-in-action are listed on the wall.

Although the Soviet Union and the United States did not directly go to war, they each supported a different side in the war. North and South Vietnam were divided at the 17th parallel.

Ho Chi Minh died during the war in He was hated by many Vietnamese and was executed in November of This was not a good sign for the US hopes in the area. It is estimated that millions of Vietnamese died either in battle or as civilians caught in the crossfire.The Vietnam war was America's failed attempt to prevent the spread of communism throughout Asia.

The idea was that if one country became communist, the others would begin to fall like dominoes. The idea was that if one country became communist, the others would begin to fall like dominoes.5/5(2).


While there are many different reasons why the US got involved in the Vietnam War, the primary reason the US intervened in Vietnam was to contain the spread of Communism. Books can be, and have. Main reason of the war is the expansion of Communism..

The Vietnam communist party known as Vietcong accepted helped from other communist nations..

Vietnam Background: Uneasy French Rule

Ho Chi Minh the preside nt of North Vietnam was backed by the governments of China, Soviet Union, North Korea.. The French had colonies and interests in China, and had asked for help from other Eastern European nations. During the Vietnam War, the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union, The Democratic Republic of North Vietnam and its allies involved in fight against the South Vietnam, whose allies had included the United States, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia.

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Log in Join now High School. History. 5 points What was the main reason for american involvement in the vietnam war? The Vietnam war was 5/5(2). The main countries involved in the Vietnam War were North and South Vietnam was backed by anti-communist countries and members of the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) which included the United States, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Khmer Republic (later overthrown by Khmer Rouge), Kingdom of Laos and Republic of China (Taiwan).

What was the reason for the Vietnam War