Insular life essay

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Insular life essay

Introduction Company Profile The mission of Insular Life is to provide a full-range of high-value insurance products and other related services that empower families to attain financial security and fulfill their dreams, thus helping build a stronger Philippines. They enable their professional, customer-oriented employee and agency force to render service of the highest quality.

They are experts in our core business, and they operate with excellence at all times to optimize stakeholder value.

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They continuously pursue strategic opportunities, and achieve sustained growth through dynamic marketing, prudent investments, and exceptional service. Brief History of the Company Insular Life was established on November 25, at a time when the Philippines was flexing its wings as a fledgling nation at the dawn of the 20th century.

Its roster of products — from its ordinary whole life, endowment, limited-payment, college education and insurance plans, to pension and investment plans — not only offers the best cost- benefits ratios among insurance plans in the market.

Abstract The research aims to diagnose the company in an organizational level. Insular life essay on the diagnosis, the researchers will recommend possible interventions and eventually choose the best intervention.

Problem Identification and Selection Insular Life is exemplary in their organizational effectiveness. There is a good alignment as diagnosed and Insular life essay by the researchers. The only problem that the researchers can see is the alignment between the environment inputs and strategic orientation IV.

Politically, Insular Life adheres to the international corporate governance principles of fairness, accountability and transparency through their core values.

In Europe, insurance companies still face with political and macroeconomic uncertainty, hurting investor, consumers and corporate balance sheet.

Insular life essay

While on the other side of the world they saw the fast growth of Asia Pacific region economies. Technologically, Insular Life enhanced relations with its customers through Cisco Unified Communication, in which customers anywhere in the country will have just one local toll-free number to call and will be able to reach an Insular Life staff member or agent faster.

Trends and technology will replace the old private branch access system that Insular Life used to rely on. Economically, Insular Life contributes to raising industry standards and issues that affect the insurance public.

Insular Life promotes fair treatment of any kind and offers equal opportunities in all aspects of employment and advancement, regardless of age, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, religious and political beliefs.

Ecologically, Insular Life embarked on the environmental conservation. Industry Structure First, the threat of entry is low. It is difficult for new competitors to enter into the market because there is a high barrier to cross if the organization wanted to get into life insurance industry.

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These barriers are Insular Life, Phil-Am Life, Sun Life and Great Pacific Life, because customers are loyal to the existing brand, must have a high capital requirement and new entrant have smaller economies of scale. Second, threat of substitute product is high.

In the insurance industry as there are plenty of substitutes available in the market. Many of the firms offer the services that are similar to that of large companies. There exists high level of competition on all the grounds whether it is auto insurance or health insurance.

There are companies operating in the markets that offers unique products and services to their customers and have competitive advantage over their counterparts which depends on the size of their business segments.

Third, bargaining power of supplier is low.


The supplier of capital does not pose a big threat to the organization. The bargaining power of suppliers is derived by their power to demand the prices of their own choice. But the threat suppliers taking away human capital does exist in the industry. This industry is entirely based on the human capital.

Fourth, bargaining power of buyers is medium. The individual buyers do not have much power to influence the insurance industry at large.

The large corporate clients and other related businesses pay large sums of money as health insurance premium to these companies. These market players in the insurance industry long to get high margin corporate clients.

The company offers individual and group life, health, and retirement insurance plans.May 25,  · At His Own Wake, Celebrating Life and the Gift of Death. Tormented by an incurable disease, John Shields knew that dying openly and without .

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When he struggles with self. The mission of Insular Life is to provide a full-range of high-value insurance products and other related services that empower families to attain financial security and fulfill their dreams, thus helping build a stronger Philippines.

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