Exxon valdez research paper

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Exxon valdez research paper

To most corporations, making a profit is goal number one — but some of those companies take it way too far, sacrificing the health of the planet and its inhabitants for a bigger bank balance. Far too many corporations turn a blind eye to the consequences of their destructive, exploitative practices.

The worst of them are committing atrocities that go beyond the realm of objectionable into criminal, dumping toxic chemicals without regard to public health and employing child labor.

Nestle promised that by July they would find a way to certify chocolate as not having been produced by any underage, indentured, trafficked or coerced labor, but since then, they have achieved very little. Nestle controls one-third of the US market and sells 70 different brand names of bottled water including Arrowhead, Deer Park, Perrier and Poland Spring.

The company buys up pristine springs in some of the most beautiful natural spaces in America and builds huge factories on the sites, releasing pollution into the air and drawing enormous amounts of water out of the springs.

Pfizer Air and water pollution, disregard for safety standards and experimentation on Nigerian children: Pfizer is guilty of some of the most despicable price gouging in corporate history: The Pfizer plant was emitting methanol, hydrogen chloride, methylene chloride, MTBE, hexane, toluene and other chemicals classified by the EPA as hazardous air pollutants.

Worst of all, the company that has little regard for safety standards — having released a number of drugs that ended up being pulled off the market for unforeseen complications — decided to test one of its drugs on poor, critically ill Nigerian children. Thanks to its focus on low, low prices, the retailer has repeatedly turned a blind eye to child slave labor in its manufacturing facilities abroad, particularly in China and Bangladesh.

Inthe company faced fines for violations in 9 states. We are not green. We have an extraordinary distance to go. The oil giant was ranked sixth on the Toxic list of US corporate air polluters, and has been accused by Greenpeace of sabotaging efforts to deal with climate change, manipulating peer-reviewed studies and misleading the public with junk science.

Indeed, though they have since cut off funding, ExxonMobil once financially supported a number of global warming denial organizations.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

InExxonMobil was the target of a lawsuit by a human rights group that accused the company of actively abetting human rights abuses including torture, rape and killings in Indonesia.

The suit alleged that ExxonMobil had hired a local army to protect its natural gas fields in the Aceh province, providing them with equipment to dig mass graves as well as building interrogation and torture centers.

The company denied all of the charges, but a motion it filed to have the case dismissed was denied in The case is still pending. Chevron Image via Treehugger Chevron has launched a huge multimedia advertising blitz about its supposed commitment to smart energy use and renewable energy sources — all while destroying pristine forests in places like Ecuador and Bangladeshand causing myriad health problems right here in the U.

They also dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic production water into the rivers where locals bathe. Living in close proximity to the oil fields has resulted in health effects ranging from high miscarriage rates to cancer.PBS LearningMedia Loading.

Jun 25,  · This paper did nothing of the sort; this is strong hope imposed on weak data; all the oral swabs were from Varanids in zoos. He did not swab wild komodos. - Abstract: The purpose of this research paper was to investigate the news media’s depiction of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

The coverage provided by the newspapers was compared to that of scientific journals to access their validity and insight. BIO-SAFE ONE SEPTIC SOLUTION PRODUCT DETAILS: 1.

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Exxon valdez research paper

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Essays. Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power [Steve Coll] on vetconnexx.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the award-winning and bestselling author of Ghost Wars and Directorate S, a n “extraordinary” and “monumental” exposé of Big Oil (The Washington Post) Includes a profile of current Secretary of State and former chairman and chief executive of ExxonMobil.

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