Exploring the strategic ground for listening

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Exploring the strategic ground for listening

In addition to having a meeting agenda that guides meeting participants towards accomplishing the meeting goals, participants of productive meetings have a clear understanding of what is expected of them to best support this process.

This is where meeting ground rules come in to play. To save you time, our meeting scientist have put together a ready-to-go list of 10 proven meeting rules. Be prepared to contribute to achieving the meeting goals.

Come to the meeting with a positive attitude.

Exploring the strategic ground for listening

Treat all meeting participants with the same respect you would want from them. Share your unique perspectives and experience, and speak honestly. If you state a problem or disagree with a proposal, try to offer a solution. Let everyone participate Share time so that all can participate.

Be patient when listening to others speak and do not interrupt them. Listen with an open mind Value the learning from different inputs, and listen to get smarter. Stay open to new ways of doing things, and listen for the future to emerge.

Think before speaking Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Avoid using idioms, three letter acronyms, and phrases that can be misunderstood. When a topic has been discussed fully, do not bring it back up.

Attack the problem, not the person Respectfully challenge the idea, not the person.

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Blame or judgment will get you further from a solution, not closer. Honest and constructive discussions are necessary to get the best results. Note pending issues and schedule follow up meetings as needed.

Identify actions based on decisions made, and follow up actions assigned to you. Share meeting reports with meeting participants.

"Exploring the Strategic Ground for Listening and Organizational Effect" by Judi Brownell

Share meeting outcomes with other stakeholders that should be kept in the loop. Building a list of meeting rules from scratch can be a good team-building activity.

Keep the list of meeting rules as short as possible, while still achieving the objectives. If the rules are too many, it is easier for participants to forget them.

Exploring the strategic ground for listening

Repeats may require the ground rule being restated. If a participant is disruptive beyond acceptable limits, it may be necessary to call a break in the meeting and talk privately with the offender.Maria J.

Stephan is a strategic planner with the U.S. Department of State. Formerly she served as director of policy and research at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) and as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and American University. The specific aim of the study was to inform the development of materials for listening strategy awareness-raising activities.

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Exploring the Strategic Ground for Listening and Organizational Effectiveness. By Judi Brownell. Download PDF ( KB) Abstract.

This paper proposes that strategic plans are most likely to be implemented successfully when hospitality leaders listen well and when hospitality organizations develop strong learning environments. ‘UNSPEAK – WEAPONIZED STRATEGIC CONTEXT’ – November 1, by Ground Zero Media published on TZ Americans are now so polarized that they no longer share basic sympathies and trust because they no longer regard each other as worthy of equal consideration.

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