Charity golf tournament business plan

How to Plan a Fundraising Golf Tournament by Contributor Planning a fundraiser can be a very stressful and ultimately very rewarding experience. Golf tournaments are popular fundraising events for a charity or non-profit organizations because they typically attract a lot of players.

Charity golf tournament business plan

The success of your charity golf event revolves around maximizing player turnout, increasing pledge sizes, obtaining sponsored prizes, and choosing the right tournament play format. Hosting A Charity Golf Event Player Turnout Your success depends on how many players your charity golf tournament draws and how actively you have your players solicit sponsors for their own rounds.

To maximize turnout, you need to get major publicity for your event. That means putting out multiple press releases, getting local media coverage from newspapers and television stations, promoting your golf tournament through social media, and placing ads in the sports section of the local paper.

For the best results, put your press releases out through PR Web. Appoint a spokesperson to handle all media contacts and follow-up.

For more tips, read my article on fundraising publicity. Charity Golf Tournament Pledges When planning a charity golf tournament, the key is getting each player to collect a significant amount of pledges. Obviously, you want to motivate the participants to raise as much money as possible.

Some groups offer incentives for the top pledge getters. You can use a site like EventBrite. Your event gets a master page and all participants get personal fundraising pages where sponsorship pledges can be collected online.

Pledge amounts determine the success of your charity golf event, so get input from experienced golfers and golf pros in your area. You solicit local merchants to sponsor those prizes. Work with an insurance-related prize company for things like the hole-in-one contest.

That way you can offer a bigger prize for a much lower outlay. Larger turnouts will net even more with some charity golf tournaments drawing golfers competing for big prizes.

Plan Ahead Obviously, bigger pledges, more golfers, corporate sponsorships combined with massive publicity will work wonders for the bottom line of your charity golf tournament. Contact local courses for group rates.


Be sure to mention that you are planning a charity event and ask for discounts on cart and greens fees. Once you decide on your preferred location, reserve the date and tee times well in advance.

Tournament Play Formats For those who are participating in your charity golf and fund-raising tournament, it helps to pick a format they are familiar with. The three most common formats are scramble, best ball, and alternate shot.

Scramble This format usually is played with groups of four, but it certainly can be played with more than four players, or as few as two. In a scramble, each player tees off on each hole.

The best of the tee shots then is selected, and all players play their second shot from that spot.How to Plan a Successful Golf Tournament Thank you so much for being interested in holding a Golf Tournament to benefit the Cure JM Foundation! The Cure JM Foundation is actively working to find a cure for juvenile myositis so that no child will have to suffer with this cruel disease.

The fundraising you do will help get us closer to that goal. Planning A Charity Golf Tournament – Final Tips. Plan ahead to maximize the success of your charity golf event. For best results, pick a weekday when courses and large blocks of tee times will be easier to reserve.

You’ll often get the best rates by going to the course in person and talking to the pro or pro shop manager. Create a promotion plan for you event. Since your golf tournament is for charity, the media may agree to promote your event for free.

Check with your local newspaper, community magazines, and local radio stations to see if they will promote the tournament. Let me show you how these tips will make your first charity golf tournament fundraiser a guaranteed success.

1. Finding a Cause and Helping Others.

Hosting A Charity Golf Event

The first step to success is to plan your charity fundraiser around a cause you’re passionate about. and business owners are smart choices when it comes to your early-stage planning. Get these. Every successful golf tournament’s foundation is a strong plan, which means you need to pull out all the stops and do everything you can to make sure your tournament is fully visualized WELL before you start carrying out the leg work.

charity golf tournament business plan

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