An overview of indonesia

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An overview of indonesia

Atlantic Council as well as of the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. Islamic extremist has plagued Indonesia over the last decades.

As one addresses this phenomenon it is important to understand the causes behind those violent acts by looking at the inluences and modus operandi of several terrorist groups that have operated or currently do in Indonesia. Only by looking at a considerable group of terrorist movements, it is then possible to understand the historical, religious and cultural causes behind the latter as well as realistically assess if terrorism can be a strategic instability factor for the Indonesian government.

Looking at the particular example of Indonesia, some authors claim that the irst example of Islamic radicalism can be traced to when the Padri movement, a Muslim revivalist group, emerged in West Sumatra.

An overview of indonesia

As the local Indonesian populations requested the support of the Dutch forces, the Padri movement was defeated and by it was completely extinguished. Notwithstanding this earlier movement, most of the authors identify the early inspiration behind the most recent Islamic extremist groups as Darul Islam, a group created after the independence proclamation inwhen the Indonesian Constitution deined Pancasila — ive core principles that support the foundations An overview of indonesia the Indonesian State — as the national ideology, without making any reference to Islam.

Consequently, Muslims across the country became dissatisied not only due to this absence in the Constitution but also due to the political adoption of a secular posture for Indonesia. Such decision led to the Darul Islam rebellion in West Java in which later spread to other regions in the country and has only controlled in A few years later when Suharto regime came into powerpolitical Islam was once again repressed and classiied as extreme right.

However, in the last years of his mandate, Suharto aware that he had lost the support of the Indonesian military, turned to Muslims as an attempt to maintain the political status quo. To achieve such purpose, Suharto supported the construction of madrassas, mosques among other initiatives that may have been one of the early drivers behind the emergence of the current Islamic extremism in Indonesia.

As the Suharto regime crumbled inin the aftermath of Asian inancial crisis, the new political context in Indonesia — although still committed to Pancasila — allowed previously repressed political forces extremist groups to emerge.

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As the newly elected President Habibe initiated his term, less restrictive policies began to be adopted that would ultimately loosen the control placed upon religious groups, including the release of imprisoned Muslim activists. However, the Indonesian Government posture changed drastically in with the Bali bombings.

In October 12th ofa terrorist attack perpetrated by Jemaah Islamiyah killed people, most of them tourists. While there, the JI founders were committed in the recruitment of young Muslim volunteers to ight the Soviet Army in Afghanistan.

It is believed that this was where they were able to network with individuals that later would become high-ranking oicials within the al-Qaeda hierarchy. After a dispute with a Darul Islam leader Ajengan MaskudiSungkar decided to split from the group and pursue the implementation of JI.

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Five years later both moved back to Indonesia as the then President Suharto stepped down. In terms of ideology, one can say that JI is an ideological hybrid between Darul Islam and Saudi Wahhabism, basing its beliefs on scholars such as Sayyid Qutb, who defends doctrines that legitimize jihad against non-Islamic regimes.

Based upon these principles, JI aims for the implementation of an Islamic State in Southeast Asia, including areas of Malaysia, Indonesia, southern hailand, the southern Philippines and Singapore.

It is possible to say that JI represents an evolution from Darul Islam as it possesses a more international perspective and a more entrenched jihadist ideology, with profound interest in domestic targets, namely Government institutions and oicials, as well as external targets, mostly Western targets.

In terms of members, at its peak, JI probably had between to several thousand members, although it is diicult to assess the actual number although regarding its structure, JI had several units subjected to the orders of an Amir. All of these locations were divided in four Mantiqis in a way to coincide with the same areas where the JI aimed to create an Islamic State.

Each Mantiqi was further divided into several branches curiously a structure very similar to the one implemented by Hezbollah with an emphasis on social services for additional popular support of its activities.

However, some accounts mention that due to recent Indonesian security operations, the structure may have been dissolved and reorganized into several functional groups: Still, in spite of a new organizational structure, JI has also split into two separate factions.

An oicial faction, therefore with a formal structure, has decided to place additional emphasis on ideology and recruitment.Indonesia Healthcare System Overview $ 2, With only % of GDP spent on healthcare in , the healthcare system in Indonesia has huge potential for growth.

The glue that binds the people together is the usage of the Bahasa Indonesia, the national language, and Pancasila, the national philosophy, which stresses the doctrine .

Indonesia is now one of Asia Pacific’s most vibrant democracies that has maintained political stability and emerged as a confident middle-income country.

This document describes the design and implementation and provides a preview of some key results of the Indonesia Family Life Survey, with an emphasis on wave 5 (IFLS5). It is the first of seven volumes documenting IFLS5.

Indonesia’s total refinery capacity was an estimated million b/d at the beginning of , at six major refineries and a few smaller facilities. Structure of automotive industry Characteristics of automotive vehicle industry in Indonesia Automotive vehicle industry in Indonesia began to grow with the operation of a number of Trademark Holding Sole Agents (ATPM) in the early s under the decisions of .

An Overview of Indonesia - The land, people, government and economic factors