An essay on abortion a right or plain murder

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An essay on abortion a right or plain murder

However, it seems to me that most of the responses have not been carefully considered. Is abortion right, whether it is legal or not? Or is it wrong? Or is it just another choice? And whichever side you come down on, why?

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If you have easy, immediate answers, you probably need to think longer and more carefully. This is a very important question, because the answers we give affect many other parts of our lives.

And if the answers are easy and you oppose all abortion, then what do we tell a young girl who is pregnant as the result of being raped by an older family member?

Or what do we tell the woman whose baby is anencephalic, who in effect has no brain, and will die within hours of birth? And if you support virtually unlimited abortion on demand, how do you justify taking the life of a baby who is weeks or less from birth, and doing so for the convenience of the mother?

Can you really argue that it's not taking the life of a human being? I have discussed the question a number of times with women who favor abortion.

A couple stand out in my mind. The first was a young woman who argued against taking any form of life. It was morally wrong, she said, to take any life: All life was of equal value.

A horse equals an ant equals a fish equals a baby girl. At the end of this hour-long conversation, I said, "If all life is equal, and it is never justifiable to take a life, I conclude, then, that you oppose abortion.

An essay on abortion a right or plain murder

Part of my problem with these conversations is that they are so often dominated by contradictions, stereotyping and refusal to consider evidence that doesn't support one's preconceived ideas, on either side. If someone argues for abortion, that person is automatically deemed by the opponent as a radical left-wing, liberal humanist.

But if someone takes a position against abortion, he or she is instantly labeled a Bible-thumping, fundamentalist bigot. Neither is fair or conducive to civil discussion, even if the characterization may be true.

The other woman I remember was a student in a class I taught. She was writing a research paper defending abortion on demand.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and A Manifesto Against the Enemies of Modernity.

by James A. Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose; Posted on August 22, February 2, ; This document is very long and detailed so a brief bulleted summary is provided below for those who don’t have the hour it takes for a careful read.

The Indian Supreme Court has ordered medics to examine a year-old pregnant rape victim to determine whether an abortion would . Sample student essay on pros and cons of abortion. Argumentative Essay on Pros and Cons of Abortion.

Abortion is a very sensitive issue. Many people are constantly debating whether or not abortion should be allowed or not. Others feel that the parents should have the right to choose and it is not murder until the baby is born.

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