An analysis of the paintings of mark messersmith

Through traditional, and sometimes whimsical, approaches the work of these artists is expressed through painting, drawing, photography and printmaking. The work in this exhibit covers a broad range of artistic approaches to figurative representation.

An analysis of the paintings of mark messersmith

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An analysis of the paintings of mark messersmith

Don Messermith is an esteemed professor emeritus at the University of Maryland. But among his comprehensive catalog of contributions, one study in particular stands out above the rest. Although the work predated the Google search by nearly a decade, and despite never warranting an official publication, there are more thanpages on the internet which reference the study.

So, why should we care about some little-known, unpublished report from a study on insect behavior performed almost 25 years ago? Because sitting in a file folder in the desk drawer of Don Messersmith resides a report on perhaps the single, most famous problem ever solved: Lincoln Memorial Lighting and Midge Study.

The Classic 5 Whys Example: This is why, as an instructor teaching the technique to adults, it helps to have a strong example to restore the credibility of repeatedly asking why in the context of problem solving.

Enter the work of Don Messersmith, whose study on the lighting of the memorials in Washington D. Due in part to the scarcity of the source document, many different versions of the tale exist today.

And while you may have learned a slightly different version, the general details of the story are as follows: One of the monuments in Washington D. Because harsh chemicals are frequently used to clean the monument. Why 2 — Why are harsh chemicals needed? To clean off the large number of bird droppings on the monument.

Why 3 — Why are there a large number of bird droppings on the monument? Because the large population of spiders in and around the monument are a food source to the local birds Why 4 — Why is there a large population of spiders in and around the monument? Because vast swarms of insects, on which the spiders feed, are drawn to the monument at dusk.

Why 5 — Why are swarms of insects drawn to the monument at dusk? Because the lighting of the monument in the evening attracts the local insects. I use this 5 whys example frequently in my own classes, and, because of its effectiveness and its ability to engage, it has become my absolute favorite slide to deliver.

The story drives home a powerful point: After years of questions from students, I set out to research the topic and to separate fact from fiction in the tale of the eroding monuments. Messersmith to review the details of his work first-hand. What should not be surprising is that the story is not entirely true-to-life, but neither should it be considered a work of fiction.

Some trivial points have simply been confused over time, but some not-so-trivial details have unfortunately been omitted from the retelling of the tale so as to create a simpler, more plausible study. · Mark. Messersmith: Natural Defenses, on dis-play until June 1, features moody paintings of the current state of the envi-ronment of the Sunshine State.

After completing the paintings, Messersmith builds large wooden frames with hand-carved details that continue the composition into the sur-rounding space. Currently a professor of art at JIM AND MARY AVERY – In Loving Memory of James W.

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