Amity university s mission and vision statements


Amity university s mission and vision statements

In the 80th year Of his life. At home he dressed in homespun, but on going out in fair weather wore a complete suit of white, with white hat, having a very broad brim, silk stockings and queue.

In cold weather, his dress was the conventional "shad belly" coat, long waistcoat, dark knee breeches, long boots, but always the broad rimmed beaver hat. An old lady who passed her childhood in the family of William Findley has said, that the periodical occasion of his going away to Congress was one of the greatest magnitude, not only in the family but in the neighborhood.

He went, of course on horseback, on a horse he used for that purpose only. For weeks before he started arrangements were making; his horse was well housed and well conditioned and an abundance of the finest linen was prepared for the use of the congressman until he should return.

On the day that had been fixed for his departure, all the neighbors came around to see him off, to lift their hats and say goodbye. The women part of the household would always be in commotion, for the journey at that day was great, the distance long and the good man would be away so long. He was twice married, his second wife being a widow, Mrs.

Carothers, a beautiful woman and much younger than her husband. By the first wife he had three children: David, an officer in the regular army of the United States; Nellie, married a Carothers, a son of her father's second wife by her first husband; Mary, married John Black.

Amity university s mission and vision statements

By his second wife he had - John Findley, son of William Findley, was born at the homestead farm in Unity township, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, near Latrobe, February 23, He became a surveyor and a farmer.

After his marriage he removed to Mercer county, Pennsylvania, near the present town of Mercer, which he surveyed and laid out. He was a man of probity, intelligence and high standing. He was appointed associate judge of Mercer county and sat upon the bench for several years.

He married Elizabeth, daughter of Lieutenant Amberson see Amberson and reared a family of four children: William, see forward; David, a farmer of Mercer county; John, a minister of the United Presbyterian church Patterson, a farmer of Mercer county.

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John Findley, the father, died December 9. He was a graduate of Jefferson College of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. His theological education was obtained at Princeton Theological and Allegheny Theological seminaries.

His early career was begun in Butler county, where he served several charges as pastor until From that date until he was connected with Westminster College as Professor of Latin.DUANE FAMILY The Duane family is composed of two branches, distantly related, of which one became established at an early date in New York and the other in Philadelphia.

Amity aims to generate a pool of creative leaders for the future so that they become a part of the nation building process. The qualities inculcated in children since childhood are honed and nurtured, developed and directed with a mission and vision to create people who will lead the world. AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL AMITY UNIVERSITY, UTTAR PRADESH ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION FOR BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT & STRATEGIC ANALYSIS VISION AND MISSION STATEMENTS- TOOLS FOR BETTER WORKING ENVIRONMENT ABSTRACT Vision and Mission statements are popular management tools.

CCSD Flames Fundraiser. Calgary Catholic is happy to partner with the Calgary Flames again this season to offer students, staff, and families a discounted. Publishers’ Note. A saint’s life is the ideal for all to emulate, a pattern for everyone who would make his own life sublime.

It is an open book from which to learn the lessons of divine life. Science and Engineering Research Board, SERB, Frequently Asked Questions, Extra Mural Research Funding faq, International Travel Support Scheme faq, Assistance to Professional Bodies & Seminars/Symposia faq, RAMANUJAN Fellowship faq, J C BOSE NATIONAL Fellowships faq.

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